When building in our communities, B. Wallace specializes in what are classified as ‘semi-custom’ homes.  The semi-custom process is a really good fit for most home buyers because it gives you a lot of input into your home and plenty of opportunity make it reflect your style and taste, but by giving you a process to follow and leaving some of the smaller decisions up to us it lowers the time commitment, stress and financial costs you incur compared to a custom home. 

The semi-custom home selection process is really broken down in to four categories: specifications, standard selections, standard upgrade options, and special requests.



These are going to be the processes and finishes that are pre-determined for your home, and often are standard throughout a community.  Some examples would include the use of James Hardie siding, site-finished hardwood flooring, radiant barrier roof sheathing, or Delta brand faucets.  We don't expect you to be a construction expert, that's our job; these standard specifications help us ensure that you are going to get a quality home built with durable, low-maintenance materials.  

Standard Selections

This is the key component - and the fun part!  These are all of the items that everyone gets to pick out for their home and what really make each home unique.  These are choices like cabinets, counter tops, bathroom tile, paint colors, faucets and light fixtures.  Some of these are done based on an allowance so you have lots of flexibility like tile selection, and others are done off of a pre-defined list of items like cabinet style.  Rest assured, there are plenty of options and generous allowances to help you get a wonderful and unique home without spending an extra penny; and we are here to help you every step of the way.  

Standard Upgrades

These are the possible add-ons that we offer by default to everyone that purchases a home.  While the base homes are very well appointed, you may find a couple of these à la carte items you would like to add.  Some of these things would be hardwood floors in the bedrooms, a detached garage, a screened porch, an upgraded appliance package, or an optional window.

Special Requests

These would be the ideas that you have that do not already appear anywhere on our standard selections or standard upgrades, and are things that are specific to your lifestyle or taste.  Typically in new construction communities these are the kinds of items that can't be accommodated in the semi-custom process.  Because we understand that people may have a couple of things that are both really unique to them but also really important to them, we have incorporated the special request allowance into our process in order to be able to provide for a limited number of those things.  Examples of special requests might include open shelving in the kitchen, adding or changing a window, or adding a custom built-in.

Just keep in mind that because our pricing and construction schedules are based on a semi-custom process, special request items that get to be too large in number or in scope can become very expensive very quickly.  If you feel like you need more than a couple of special requests, we would be happy to talk with you about building a custom home instead!