Completed B. Wallace Communities

Some of the completed B. Wallace communities that you may have seen around Durham.

Southside - 2016

As one of the selected builders for the City of Durham's Southside Revitalization project, we were very honored to have built 33 new homes in the first phase of the project.  Completed in 2016, we also built an additional 5 homes and 4 affordable rental units in the community that were outside of the phase one initiative.  

Gerard Street - 2016

A small batch of homes near the Durham Co-op Market, these three homes completed in 2016 are in one of the hottest up-and-coming parts of town.



Vesson Avenue - 2015

A 5 home cul-de-sac located next to Lakewood Elementary, Vesson Avenue included some of our most popular floorplans and was completed in 2015.

Patterson Glen - 2014

A beautiful 28 unit townhome community, Patterson Glen was completed in 2014.  The community featured 2 and 3 bedroom units, rear entry garages and private back courtyards.  

Old Chapel Hill Road - 2013

A small parcel on Old Chapel Hill included 3 new homes and a rare and exciting renovation, this project was completed in 2013.


North Street - 2013

A collection of 7 infill homes on two blocks of North Street, this community was completed in 2013 and is within walking distance of hot spots like Fullsteam Brewery, Geer Street Garden and more!

Tuscaloosa-Lakewood 2012

To date, B. Wallace has completed three small groups of homes within the Tuscaloosa-Lakewood community:  4 homes on Nation Avenue in 2010; 4 homes on Sarah Avenue in 2011; and 10 homes on Redfern Way in 2012.  This community is where we originally debuted our collection of small bungalows, now aptly known as our "Lakewood Bungalow Collection".


Paladin Court - 2008

B. Wallace's first community, this 9 lot cul-de-sac features some great floor plans that we still build today.  Since its completion in 2008, this community is only getting better with age.